For An Authentic Italian Restaurant Toronto Residents And VIsitors Have Many Choices

There are nearly 6700 restaurants in the city of Toronto, so you can imagine quite a few serve up delicious Italian cuisine. You don’t want to end up at just any restaurant though. When searching for an authentic Italian restaurant Toronto visitors and residents have 394 to choose from. Here are five of the top picks.

The #1 ranked Italian restaurant in Toronto shares its name with a popular candy bar, Kit Kat. Kit Kat is located at 297 King Street West. Seafood pasta, ribs and cheesecake are a few of the popular menu favorites. You will find that this Italian Eatery is within the Entertainment District. Perhaps you would like to eat dinner before arriving at the Princess of Wales Theater for a show.

Make no mistake about it, the pasta is made fresh at Stelvio. You would expect that to be the case at any of the finest Italian restaurants in Toronto, but that’s just a reminder. Located at 791 Dundas Street West, Stelvio also features wines from the famous Valtellina. Expect hearty, authentic dishes that leave you more than satisfied, beating your expectations.

Located at 522 King Street West is Cibo Wine Bar, an Italian restaurant that is known for its polenta fries, delicious pizza and pasta, great drinks and much more. Lamb ragu, rice balls and gelato are a few other menu favorites that reviews mention quite frequently. Enjoy patio dining if you prefer, and you can also count on Happy Hour at Cibo Wine Bar.

Mistura is located at 265 Davenport Road. Have you ever tried wild boar ravioli? How about some lamb ribs? This authentic Italian restaurant Toronto has to offer is a great pick if you are out for a celebration dinner. The menu seems rather unique in comparison to many of the other top Italian restaurants, which of course is great. Expect a cozy and quaint dining atmosphere and an a la carte menu that past patrons say can make dining out a little cheaper if you prefer to order your dinner that way.

Located at 15 Toronto Street is the 5th pick, Carisma. What a name, right? That is almost as good as Kit Kat. It is said to be a place where you can enjoy a romantic dinner. Wild boar ravioli also makes the menu highlights for this restaurant as well, as does sea bass and the fact that Carisma features a ‘fish of the day.’ Be sure to check out that great wine list, too!

Donatello Restaurant, Trattoria Nervosa and The Hot House are three more of the top Italian restaurants in Toronto. Remember that there are a total of 394 as of mid-2019. With that many to choose from, it’s great that you know the names of five authentic Italian eateries in Toronto that are said to be the best. Which one fits what you’re looking for out of your next dining experience? You might have overlooked the one named after a candy bar had it not been mentioned, right?