What Not To DO So You Don’ Get Rejected By A Labour Lawyer

Labour Law

You probably thought this never happens, but it actually does more often than you think. A scorned employee goes to a labour lawyer hoping to be represented in a labour case against the former employer, only to be rejected by the attorney. He goes to another labor attorney and gets rejected again. And again. Because of the series of rejections, you can’t help but wonder what is going on.

If you have been rejected by a labour lawyer before, there is a good chance you said and did something that caused the lawyer to cast doubt on your ability to become a good client. What are some of the things that people say or do that turn people off? Read the tips on floridagreenbuildinglaw.com and below to know:

Pitting lawyers against each other – No matter what part of the world you are in, the fact of the matter is that the legal community is actually a small one and lawyers, especially those in the same specializations, know each other. Unfortunately, there are people out there who go into a lawyer’s office telling him that he has seen other employment lawyers and has been quoted this price. This actually turns lawyers off more than anything. And so, if you are serious about extracting money from your former lawyers, make sure that you give lawyers the respect they deserve.

Making it obvious you’re not willing to settle – Lawyers work hard to make the best deal for you. In most cases, though, the best deal often involves settlement. Unless if you have a truly visceral reason for wanting to sue your employer, be open to the idea of a settlement.

Not willing to settle for less than $1 million – Most people overestimate how much they can get for their case. Lawyers, on the other hand, know what can be reasonably expected of the cases that come through their doors thanks to their experience. That said, instead of being bull-headed about the settlement amount, listen to your lawyer.

Not filling out questionnaires – Most lawyers will require you to fill out a questionnaire in the beginning to know more about you and your case. It is similar to filling out a questionnaire when you go to the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, there are people out there who don’t do it and don’t even provide their names.

Not providing documents – Your case can literally make or break based on the documents you provide. So, if your lawyer asks you to bring a certain type of document, do it. Aside from providing documents, make sure to keep note of your appointments and keep them.

Being mean in general – As strange as it may sound, there are people out there who believe that they can get better service from their lawyer if they are mean to them. This never works. Lawyers are busy people and they can always take in a new client if you happen to be a difficult person to deal with and are mean to the staff.

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