Birth Injury Lawyers: What Do They Do

Birth Injury

Sooner or later you may need a birth injury lawyer, but before you obtain one, there’s a few things you should know. You want to have an idea of what they do, the benefits of getting one, cases they take on and how to choose a good attorney. Read on to learn more.

1. What Are They – Birth injury lawyers are attorneys that specialize in birth injury law. They are different than personal injury attorneys because their main focus are providing their services to those who have a birth-related injury or if their child has suffered some sort of injury during birth. A personal injury attorney handles various cases involving injuries, and not all of them have the experience with birth injury law.

2. Cases They Take On – Birth injury attorneys take on various cases, such as infant brain damage and wrongful death. Other cases may include bone fractures, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy and facial paralysis. Cases involving spinal cord injuries, fetal lacerations and should dystocia are often taken on by attorneys. Some attorneys specialize in one area of birth injury law, while others take on a range of cases.

Birth injury cases can be complicated and they can go on for years. Some are less complicated than others, but nonetheless most cases are challenging to an extent. This is why it’s important to find a good birth injury attorney if you believe you need one.

3. Benefits Of Using One – The main benefit of using a birth injury attorney is they can evaluate your situation and determine if you do in fact have a birth injury case. Not only that, but if you do have a case, they will know how to go about filing a lawsuit, gathering evidence and documents to bolster your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve. Cases involving birth injuries are stressful and challenging, and filing a lawsuit on your own can be confusing. A good attorney takes a lot of the stress off your shoulders because they handle virtually everything, allowing you to focus on more important things.

4. How To Find A Good Attorney – The key to finding a good attorney is to compare as many as you can from sites such as, but find attorneys that specifically deal with birth injury cases and not one that handles other types of personal injury cases on top of birth injury cases. When you make a list of attorneys, take the time to read reviews about them and compare their experience, success rate and pay attention to how they act if you schedule an initial consultation with them or when you speak to them on the phone. Remember, you want to choose a lawyer you feel comfortable talking to because you’ll have to divulge a lot of information to them.

Are you not sure whether or not you need a birth injury attorney? If so, then contact a few lawyers and speak to them about your situation, and they will determine if you have a case. Afterwards, they’ll let you know what your next step should be.