Essential Mobile App Marketing Tactics


Launching a successful mobile app is about more than just luck. Instead, it comes down to savvy marketing. If you want people to download and install your app, you need to find effective ways to reach them. Below are several essential mobile app marketing tactics that you should consider incorporating into your overall marketing plan:

1. Choose a good title for your app. The search function on most app stores generally delivers results that are a good match for the keywords or search phrase that the person conducting the search types in. Because of that, you should consider incorporating keywords into the title of your app that explain what it does. If the name of your app closely matches the functions that it performs, you are more likely to have it appear in the search results. Additionally, people will be able to tell at a glance exactly what it is that your app is for.

2. Consider advertising on Facebook. Most people access Facebook through their mobile devices. If they happen to see an ad for a mobile app that interests them on Facebook, they are likely to click through to see whether or not it is worth installing. Because they are accessing the ad directly from their mobile device, they are far more likely to install it then if they were accessing it from a desktop computer. As a result, Facebook advertising can be highly effective. Additionally, Facebook allows you to hyper-target your ads so that they connect only with the people who would be most interested in the app that you are promoting.

3. Include a way for people to share the app within the app itself. Social sharing can be a great way to promote your app. The more people talk about your app with their friends, the more likely they are to convince them to install it. You can make it easier for people to share your app by incorporating sharing features directly into its design. As you build your app, consider how you can make it as easy as possible for people to share it with their friends. This can result in word-of-mouth advertising that helps your app quickly grow in popularity.

4. Encourage people to leave reviews. In general, apps that get a lot of reviews tend to rank higher in the app store search results than those that don’t. Try to find ways to entice people to leave a review of your app. For instance, you could offer some sort of incentive in exchange for providing a review.

5. Build a website. Having a website for your app is a great way to promote it online. You can provide updates to your website and can target regular online search traffic.

These mobile app marketing tactics and the information provided by can help you get great results when you launch a new app. Marketing an app is all about connecting with the right audience. You can do this by choosing a keyword-rich name for your app, advertising on Facebook, making it easy for people to share your app, and finding ways to encourage active users to leave reviews.