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This is our friend Pablo and his beautiful Guatemalan family. When we met them only several years ago they had a family mission to operate a successful small business in their local marketplace. Pablo is not only an amazing man who cares and provides for a child with disabilities (not shown in photo above since he has special care when the rest of the family is at the shop), but Pablo is also a natural born leader and super honest businessman.

The more we’ve learned about Pablo over the years the more we love him and his family for their dedication to their business, their country, and helping people in need. When we visited them a month ago in their hometown they were delighted to share with us that through NationWares support to their business they have been able to open 3 shops in under 3 years. In any country…that’s insanely amazing growth!!!

So far they’ve been keeping it in the family. Their eldest son (on the left) is determined to take over the family business and we can’t wait to work with him in the years to come!

There’s so much more cool stuff and stories behind this family and how they are helping to create sustainable change in their country but we’ll save it for another post so stay tuned!

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