Mobile App Marketing: the Difference Maker

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What is the difference between an app that becomes very popular and one that does not? You might think that is a very simple question and you might even be able to give a smart Alec response but the truth is the difference between a mobile app that becomes popular and one that does not is marketing. It doesn’t matter if you have the best app on the planet if no one knows that it exists. That is the truth of most of the apps they get created, no one knows that it is just so no one uses it.

You definitely do not want that to be the story of your mobile app because you spent all this time developing at and you do not want to waste your time. If you do not properly market your app then you will end up wasting your time because no one will know about it and no one will use it. Do you truly want to waste your time? We know that you do not but right now you are on the path towards failure and unless you turn things around with proper marketing you would not have a good ending to your story.

Many people who develop apps do not know where to begin when it comes to app marketing and who would expect them to know? They are developers and not marketers that simply is a skill set that they do not have. Don’t feel alone because the majority of developers know nothing about marketing. It is because of that that professional marketers has stepped into the space to help developers properly market their apps. If you think about it the big technology companies all have huge marketing departments as well, everyone is not a programmer because you also need people with the art of marketing to come in and make your product popular, people who know how to reach the people and make your app hit critical mass.

You also should probably learn a little bit about marketing yourself. Not necessarily to take control of all of the marketing but just so that you would know what is going on. It also is the case that learning how to market will help you also become a better developer, it will help you focus on better ideas, ideas that really reach the people and ideas that people want to see in the world. Running a business in creating a product like an app is all about giving people what they need, what they want and what they would like.

So it is obvious that your next step is to get serious about marketing your app because marketing truly is the decider of who will win and who will lose when it comes to that app development game. Those companies make a lot of money know how to market and those who do not have zero marketing skill. Put yourself in the winner’s corner, the corner where you focus on marketing your product and putting it in front of as many people as possible.