Mistakes To Avoid In Mobile App Marketing

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If you are looking to marketing your app there are a number of mistakes that you should avoid. These mistakes will decrease the effectiveness of your marketing and will decrease the number of downloads you have.

Create The App With No Strategy

A lot of app creators make the mistake of creating their app without thinking about a marketing strategy. Without a strategy, you will have no idea of what you should do next or whether you have hit your targets. A good mobile app marketing strategy should start with what will attract people to your app. You need to consider what you are offering and how you are different to the competition and this will determine how you market the app.

Do Your Research

There is a lot of research that needs to be done on website such as Q Internet Business and Marketing when creating your marketing strategy. You need to consider what other apps offer and how users are interacting with those apps. You also need to look at where you would find potential customers, what your market is and how to attract the potential customer’s attention. This research is something that you might not be able to do on your own, but investing in this research is key to having an effective marketing strategy that ensures longevity for the app.

Not Focusing On LTV

LTV or lifetime value of users is critical to the success of any marketing strategy. LTV measures the value that a customer brings to you over the lifetime of app usage. You need to know the LTV of your customers because this is the only way that you will be able to determine how much you should spend on the marketing. If you spend more on marketing than the user will bring in then you are not profitable and your app will eventually fail.

Not Optimizing For The App Store

Approximately 40% of app users will find new apps through the app store. This is why you need to optimize your app for them. However, you need to consider that the optimization necessary for Google Play will differ to the optimization for the Apple App Store. You will need o take the time to understand what each store is looking for and optimize based on their rules.

Not Looking At App Adverts

When you use an app which is free there are generally adverts that are used to gain revenue. If you are marketing a new app you need to make use of these adverts. Google completed a study which found that over 40% of people questioned were influenced by these adverts to download a different app. This is a large percentage of people that you could be targeting if you take the time to advertise. These adverts are generally obtained through a mobile advert network which is similar in nature to PPC advert marketplaces.

There are a number of mistakes that you could be making while marketing your app. While it is important that you learn from your mistakes you should also take the time to learn from other people’s mistakes. You need to ensure that you have a strategy which is based on research and has carefully looked at app store optimization.